Travelling with kids is fun… and challenging at times!

You need to carefully think about all the places, activities, and food stops to include in your itinerary, and make sure that each of them are kid friendly. If you are looking for restaurants that offer dishes your kids will enjoy, here are a few of our suggestions.

The Hungry Peacock and The Busy Peacock

Just by its name, you can already tell that this restaurant offers more than just a place to dine in.

The Hungry Peacock is a fun family café that serves homemade food for breakfast and lunch. They have a good selection of toasts, porridge, and burgers. Plus, they have a dedicated kids menu that includes kid’s sausage rolls and sauces, mac ‘n cheese, and toasts – all served in small portions to suit your little one’s appetite.

The Busy Peacock is a nifty addition to this café where kids can get busy creating and experimenting. They have various activities that the children can enjoy – such as playing with mud, paint, glue, goo, and water play.

Red Gum BBQ American BBQ in Australia

When dining with kids, barbecue is always a good idea. Offering a rustic dining experience, The Red Gum BBQ American BBQ in Red Hill serves one of the best Aussie smoked and American-style BBQs in town. They also serve Brisket Chili Cheese Fries, Potato Salad, Grandma Cobb Corn, and of course, sliders and mac ‘n cheese for your kids’ hungry tummies.

Volpino Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Who doesn’t love pizza? Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy the wide selection of pizza at Volpino Pizzeria and Wine Bar. They have a selection of vegetarian, seafood, meat, and even dessert pizza such as the Nutella Pizza topped with strawberries and ice cream (Yumbo!!!). Aside from pizzas, they also offer other dishes such as pasta, lamb brisket and antipasto. And since it is also a wine bar, Mum and Dad can enjoy a glass of wine while the kids devour the yummy dishes.