Without a doubt, the Mornington Peninsula is blessed with some of the best beaches across Australia. They have an amazing coastline and an even more amazing blue sea that is home to many wonderful underwater gems. It’s not surprising why many locals and tourists flock to the peninsula to enjoy the beaches and discover the beautiful world hidden beneath the crystal clear blue waters.

If you’re planning to go on a scuba diving adventure around the peninsula, here are a few things you might want to know:

Diving for Beginners

Scuba diving is one of the best water activities there is, but it requires skills and a bit of training for you to fully enjoy the experience. If it is your first-time diving, you can take a quick ‘learn-to-dive’ course to learn the basics, as well as a crash course on what magnificent animals call the water of the peninsula ‘home’. Some of the marine life you’ll find include sea dragons, rays, shrimps, flounder, flathead, and an array of colourful fish.

If you’re not confident enough to take your first dive, you can start by snorkelling. Head over to the Rye Pier along the fascinating Octopus’ Garden trail and appreciate the undersea biodiversity from above the surface.

Wreck Dive for Experienced Divers

Many experienced scuba divers go to the Mornington Peninsula for the ultimate shipwreck diving experience. The island is teeming with more than 60 shipwrecks from the 19th century. Down Port Phillip Bay you’ll find the World War 1 J Class submarines. On the Bass Strait, you get to explore flight decks, engine rooms, and galley of the wreck of the HMAS Canberra.

Underwater Safari

Aside from the shipwrecks, you’ll also find artificial reefs such as Pope’s Eye, which is an artificial reef built in the 1880’s. Additionally, you can spot some animated fur seals in the Chinaman’s hat, and be amazed by the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary at Flinders.