Sea kayaking is one of the many ways to explore the beautiful coastline of the Mornington Peninsula. Whether you’re out to see the dolphins, wait for the amazing sunset by the sea, or simply want to appreciate the pristine beaches, there are plenty of kayaking options waiting for you.

Here are a few sea kayaking activities you can do around the peninsula:

Meet the dolphins

Kayaks are the best way to get up close with adorable sea creatures because these vessels are modest and eco-friendly. Paddle around Port Phillip Bay, Chinaman’s Hat and the Ticonderoga Bay for a chance to see the cute dolphins swimming and enjoying the blue waters. If you’re lucky, you may even spot seals and penguins!

Explore the coastline

Head down to the Point Nepean National Park or Sorrento and kayak your way along the long stretch of beaches and appreciate the picturesque beauty of Mornington Peninsula’s coastline. Get to know the local neighbourhood, discover famous landmarks, and even spot some wildlife.

Watch the sunset

The Mornington Peninsula has one of the most amazing sunsets in Australia. Go kayaking on the beach while waiting for the crisp sky to morph into a breathtaking golden shower of light. If you’re in a romantic mood, open a bottle of wine and enjoy the calm of the sea amidst the fiery backdrop with your significant other. A perfect ending for a day of exploring the beautiful surroundings.

There are still of bunch of kayaking activities you can do around the peninsula depending on what you want to explore. If you are still undecided exactly where to paddle, choose from some of the kayaking tours available in the region. And if you don’t plan on bringing your trusted vessel with you, there are kayak rentals easily available at competitive rates.