If you’re looking for fun activities that the entire family can enjoy, go visit the Enchanted Adventure Garden located in Arthurs Seat, Victoria.

This award-winning family fun park feature various activities such as hedge mazes, giant tube slides, themed gardens, canopy walks, fantasy sculptures, an indoor three-dimensional maze and more.

Here’s a closer look at some of the activities you can do around the park.

Hedge Mazes

The Enchanted Adventure Garden features 3 unique and challenging bordered hedge mazes. They have a Japanese Garden right in the centre of the Traditional Hedge Maze and a giant topiary Loch Ness Monster inside the Turf Maze.

Further down the hill, you will find the Children’s Maze, which is especially designed for kids. The maze has a series of themed gardens that can ignite your children’s creativity and widen their imagination.

Brain Teaser Puzzles

If you’re up for some brain exercise, go ahead and give their 4 giant puzzles a try. These puzzles are designed to keep you moving and challenge your critical thinking at the same time. Be sure to brush up on your mathematical skills!

The Bush Adventure Scramble

Get your children’s muscles working at the bush adventure scramble – an obstacle course made specifically for kids. Your kids will enjoy crawling over and under the pipe, holding on to the bush swing, balancing their body on the wobble board, climbing, and de-tangling their tiny bodies in the stretchy strings.

Tube Slides

Now here’s an activity that both parents and kids can enjoy together. Tube sliding is like a snow-free ski run where participants use brightly coloured tubes to slide down the slope. Feel the adrenaline rush as you slide through the amazing giant slides.  You can choose from the 3 Big Twisters, 2 Straight Giants and 1 Kids only slide.

Canopy Walk

If you want a more relaxing activity, take the canopy walk and enjoy the tranquillity of the native bushland. The walk is a suspended path made up of 5 Cloud Station platforms connecting 6 timber bridges. It is very safe and even suitable for prams and wheelchairs.

Enchanted Sculpture

Before leaving, be sure to wander through the magical gardens and be amazed with their giant wood sculpture carvings, elegant topiary, sound sculpture, and wrought iron work. The Enchanted Sculpture feature works from their Artist in Residence Program and are created by gifted artists using various mediums. The sculptures take the form of fantasy and life-like creatures made from wrought iron, terracotta clay, relief hedge topiary, indigenous painted wood totems, stone and marble.

And then after all of the adventure, sit down and relax in the shade – consider a family picnic and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.